We love Bamboo because it’s SO soft. SO cooling. 
SO sustainable. SO good for you.

We love it for its durability and lifespan – our sheets can last up to TWELVE years (that’s four times the average lifespan of your cotton sheets).

We love it because of the joy it adds to your life to spend every night and morning in the most comforting embrace of bedding bliss.

We love it… because NAPS!

At the end of the day, we believe that good sleep matters. And – whether it’s a Sunday afternoon snooze OR an end-of-week faceplant – you deserve to land in the coziest, silkiest spot when you’re ready for that restorative collapse.

I mean, it’s just your bed. You only spend ⅓ of your life in it… 😜.

But really: the hours you spend sleeping are not just sizable, they’re critical – fueling you up for all the tasks, responsibilities, and good times to be had once you’re up and at ‘em.

So why not make them the BEST they can possibly be?

AND choose sustainability and environmental kindness while you’re at it.

Here at Bamboo Harbor, we believe you can be kind to yourself *and* kind to the environment.

We keep things simple. Our #1 aim is for you to feel as good as possible in bed.

Okay, that sounds naughty, but really – sleeping in the comfiest, most environmentally conscious sheets means you get to feel good, inside and out.

The only thing we love more than Bamboo is our customers.


Bamboo Harbor was born out of a genuine love for Bamboo bed sheets and a desire to spread that love far and wide. 

Our founder, Michael Holstein, stumbled upon the benefits of Bamboo bed sheets rather unexpectedly. At 22, he found himself struggling with airborne allergies for the first time after a rare bout of sickness. Digging for ways to alleviate his symptoms naturally, Mike learned that reducing the toxins, dust, and bacteria in his home would help. He went all in on air purifiers, daily vacuuming, and using toxin-free cleaning products – but, after years of research, the best surprise was his discovery of (you guessed it): BAMBOO BED SHEETS. 

Yes, they’re hypoallergenic, and helped him breathe more easily, but they’re also THE SOFTEST SHEETS HE’D EVER FELT – plus thermoregulating, and moisture-wicking. 

After making the move to Bamboo bed sheets, he’d never slept so well and sneezed so little.

What could feel better than doing something that feels good, is good for your health, AND also good for the environment? Eating chocolate, naked. Nothing. So Michael decided to offer the best Bamboo bed sheets out there, and launched Bamboo Harbor. 

Bamboo Harbor values kindness, fun, and feeling good.

If our bed sheets could talk, they’d say “take me home already.”


1. Your Bamboo bed sheets begin with climate-friendly, organic Bamboo.

2. The bamboo is broken down so its fibers can be made into absorbent, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating fabric that keeps you cool.

3. That fabric is then quality checked for defects and damages, and expertly softened to make it even more absorbable – no more night sweats!

4. Next, it’s mercerized under tension to increase strength, luster, and prepare it for dyeing.

5. Then, it’s boiled and bleached to remove any lingering impurities — and further prepare it for the dyeing process.

6. Your sheets are dyed using sustainable, all-natural dye – made of organic, environmentally conscious food-grade ingredients.

7. Finally, your sheets are dried, steamed, stretched, and pre-shrunk to maintain their color, softness, and size so you’ll enjoy the high thread count without losing any quality when you wash them.

- This really helps your product last for years.

- Every sheet is thoroughly inspected for pH value, color fastness, light fastness, and imperfections before it arrives to our inventory (and then, to you).

- Our sheets are OEKO-TEX certified - one of the world's best-known labels for textiles that have been tested for harmful substances. It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

Ready to receive yours?