How to care for your bamboo bed sheets and ensure your sheets last 12 years

How to care for your bamboo bed sheets and ensure your sheets last 12 years

So you just bought your new favorite bed sheets (Bamboo of course) and want to make sure they last as long as humanly possible. Perfect.

In this article, you’ll learn the best practices to care for your Bamboo bed sheets so you can get the most from your investment.

Fun Fact: Bamboo bed sheets are naturally durable and long-lasting

You’ve already started out on the right foot by choosing Bamboo bed sheets because they’re naturally durable and long-lasting!

When it comes to textile strength, bamboo fibers are 35% stronger than cotton fibers, making them less likely to tear or break. Bamboo is also highly absorbable which means it requires less dye than other materials to achieve a given color and the color is more resistant to fading. 

Bamboo also gets softer as it ages. Which seems crazy, but it’s true. These naturally super soft sheets will not only last a long time, but get even better with age.

STILL, you want to be sure you’re doing all you can to support that excellent aging process. 

So when it comes to washing and drying – what are the dos and don’ts?

Ideal Care instructions: Wash cool, and air dry

In order to keep your bamboo bed sheets in good condition as long as possible, you want to wash them in cool temperatures (30C max) on a gentle cycle. You might be thinking…

But don’t I need to wash my sheets in HOT water to kill bacteria?

Nope, not with Bamboo you don’t.

Because Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-odor – you can extend the life of your sheets by washing them gently in cool water without sacrificing the bacteria-killing benefits of hot water washes.

Amazing, right? We agree.

Once they’re clean, you’ll ideally want to air dry the sheets in a cool or room temperature environment – ideally avoiding direct sunlight and extreme temperatures to prevent color fading. Air drying may sound like it will take a long time, but believe it or not: it won’t. 

Unlike their cotton counterparts, Bamboo bed sheets are moisture-wicking, highly absorbable, and mold-resistant. That means it will dry quickly without accruing any nasty mold.

So you don’t have to worry about smelly laundry that dried too slowly!

But… what if I want to use the dryer… can I? 

Absolutely. If you use the dryer, simply dry on the lowest heat and avoid continuing the cycle once the sheets are dry. You don’t want to overdo it.

Of course, there is no law against using hot water and high heat dryers to wash your Bamboo bed sheets! You can do this and they will still last longer than cotton sheets. 

They just won’t last as long as absolutely possible. To do that, you want to avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures which means: no hot water, no hot dryers, and no drying in the bright sweltering heat of the direct sun!

But what about detergents?

Stick with mild, gentle detergents 

When it comes to keeping your Bamboo bed sheets in top condition, you want to use as gentle and mild a detergent as possible.

Bamboo is a durable fiber, but it’s also natural and organic – so you want to treat it with care. Using harsh detergents can gradually break down the fibers and wear on the dye we use, which is an all natural food-grade dye.

Because Bamboo is highly absorbable, it holds onto that dye and won’t want to let it go. But, using high heats and harsh chemicals break that down and interrupt the quality of the product. So you want to keep things gentle and kind on your bed sheets – and your bod!

Ideally, use a clean, green laundry detergent with no harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. 

When washing your Bamboo bed sheets, make sure to steer clear of:

  • Heavy and harsh detergents
  • Strong household cleaners
  • Powerful personal care products
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar
  • Fabric softeners

Wait, fabric softeners?

YES. They won’t do you any good AND you don’t even need them, because…

Bamboo Bed Sheets get softer without fabric softener 

Believe it or not, bamboo bed sheets get softer as you wash them AND get softer with time. So, they not only DON’T require any chemical fabric softener to keep them soft or make them softer – but fabric softeners are actually bad for your bed sheets! 

Traditional fabric softeners can harm the fabric of your Bamboo bed sheets. So save your money and your bed sheets and steer clear!

You’ll also want to treat your Bamboo Bed Sheets like the special snowflake they are…

Wash them separately to avoid pilling, snags, and abrasion

The best thing you can do for your Bamboo bed sheets is keep them away from things that can damage them, like: 

  • Harsh chemicals
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Metals and other harsh fabrics

When you wash your bed sheets with other clothing, you run the risk of the fabric getting snagged, scratched, or pilling from all the rubbing up against rough fabrics – like denim for example.

A good rule of thumb is: if it’s not something you’d wear to bed, it shouldn’t go in the wash with your bed sheets!

A better rule of thumb is: Just wash your sheets separately.

This way, you can keep your zippers, buttons, grommets, bra hooks, and denim away from your super soft bed sheets.

So what happens if you have an accidental snag or find a loose thread?

No worries at all, this happens sometimes!

You just want to make sure you don’t pull it.

Instead, simply trim it close to the base and ta-da: all better.

So they’re all clean and perfect… now what?

If they’re not going directly back on your bed, you’ll want to store them properly.

How to store your Bamboo bed sheets so they last forever

First of all, make sure your sheets are completely dry before folding and storing them. You want them crisp, dry, and ready for a neat, clean fold.

Also, to protect the fabric, DO give it a neat, clean fold! 

This means no scrunching or bunching. 

Lay them out flat and fold them with care.

Finally, while we know your Bamboo sheets are not cigars, they do have an ideal humidity for storage, and it’s 50-55%. Nothing terrible will happen if it’s more or less humid – but we promised you we’d lay out the most ideal conditions to keep your Bamboo bed sheets lasting for 12 years or more, so here it is! Aim to store them at 50-55% humidity whenever possible.

In summary, if you wash your Bamboo sheets in cool water, air dry them, avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive fabrics, extreme temperatures, and store them properly – your Bamboo bed sheets may last well beyond their twenties.

And remember, your Bamboo bed sheets will only get softer and better with time. Like magic. Ready to buy your first (or next) set? 

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